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Be prepared to fill out the application…. note card is available on our sim!!




                             ~Bound Desires Slave Auction ~

///// IMPORTANT /////

By completing and returning this application you agree that you have read and will
abide by all Bound Desires Rules. This application is also your contract, this is a three (3) party
one (1) week contract between Bound Desires , the auctioneer and the winning bidder. Any and all
changes to the contract must be agreed upon by ALL parties.

See website for more information:

Or visit us at our land!􀀁

For Hints & Tips on filling out your application please visit:


                                               GETTING STARTED

[ RENAME ] this application to “BDSA Contract – [YOUR LOGIN NAME] – Board#”

Click an available auction board and follow the directions. Once you complete the board set up it will need to

be approved by a staff member. You can use the staff board to contact a staff member but our boards do send a notice so we normally always reply with help fast. 

When marking answers, please feel free to use one of the visible markers provided
below to help make your card easier to read (cut & paste):




Avatar Picture(s): (Drag and drop from inventory)

Feel free to add additional pictures as you see fit



Login Name:
Display Name:
SL Birth Date:

Languages Spoken:

Timezone & Country:

RL Gender:
SL Gender:

I am a

Slave    (    )       Submissive  (    )         Furry slave      (    )   Furry Submissive (   )

Sexual Orientation:

Straight    (    )   Bi  (    )     Gay       (    )    Transgender     (    )      OTHER       (    )(please specify):

Must or will only serve:

( ) Master
( ) Mistress
( ) Couple
( ) Daddy Dom _ Not Ageplay!
( ) Mama Dom- Not Ageplay!
( ) Furry Male Dom
( ) Furry Female Mistress
Lifestyle Roles (kinks) you may ALSO enjoy:

( ) Babygirl/boy – (NOT AGEPLAY!)
( ) Pony girl/boy
( ) Animal or pet roles
( ) Furry
( ) Non-sexual service (ie maid, butler, personal assistant)
( ) Switch


Special services for new Owner -Please Mark anything your comfy with doing.
Please keep in mind that these are NOT required nor enforceable!

( ) Video Camera
( ) Real Life Photos
( ) Voice [External or SL] ( ) Email
( ) Messenger (ie facebook, yahoo, kik, discord, skype)
( ) Willing to follow RL orders
( ) Other (please specify):

Possible restrictions to these additional options?


Do you get your offline messages via e-mail and/or phone?

( ) Yes ( ) No


How did you hear about Bound Desires Slave Auction?:

Ever been owned before?

( ) Yes ( ) No How long?

Are you currently owned?:

( ) Yes ( ) No Owner’s Login Name:

Do you have your owner’s permission?:

( ) Yes ( ) No

Previous Length of BDSM experience (RL and/or SL):


Are you interested in pursuing a long term D/S relationship after the contract
period if everything works out?

( ) Yes ( ) No

Would you be interested in a polyamorous relationship?

( ) Yes ( ) No

Do you have experience in Gor?

( ) Yes ( ) No

                                             PRIOR COMMITMENTS

Do you have job (or other) commitments which might affect your availability with
your new owner?

( ) Yes ( ) No

If yes, please explain below:



///// IMPORTANT /////

Use the ABOUT ME space to write about yourself, your likes, dislikes, turn ons, etc.
You may also want to include what being a slave means to you and what you may
be looking for in an owner. Your bio must at least a couple sentences long.

Hints and Examples located: 


>> Tell us a little about yourself in this space.


///// IMPORTANT /////

Time of day you are in-world to serve your contract (SLT time). Be thorough. List your
anticipated online time for *each* day. Owners want to know that you will be online when
they are. You will also be expected to be available at the auction house during these
times to speak with prospective buyers! As this helps you and our staff in finding your Match!

For example : Monday: 10am -3pm


                                                             DYNAMIC TYPE

Please choose ONLY ONE of the following.

(a little bit of spank and tickle)

(Whips and chains and name calling turn me on, provided my limits are respected)

(take all of me any way you want when you want so long as certain taboos are respected)

                                                         HARD & SOFT LIMITS

LIMITS (BE SPECIFIC) this does include both SL & RL!
Fill out as little or as many that apply using the bullet points:

What are your Hard Limits? (Things you WILL NOT DO!)

● Age Play and anything against T.O.S.

What are your Soft Limits? (Things you may do with discussion)

                                                             SPECIAL SKILLS

What special SL skills do you have to offer your new owner?
(i.e. building, scripting, dancing, etc):


                                                             KINKS CHECKLIST


Please answer the questions below using the 0 thru 5 numbers.
( 0 ) - Absolutely Not (Hard Limit)
( 1 ) - Probably Not, but there is a chance
( 2 ) - A good possibility, let's see what happens
( 3 ) - Unsure but would like to try 
( 4 ) - Absolutely Will
( 5 ) - Always wanted to do this - Can we make this happen :-)
(If there is a limit missing, please add it.)

(     )  Abandonment
(     )  Adult age Play
(     )  Anal Play
(     )  Animal Play
(     )  Auctioned

(     )  Bathroom Play
(     )  Bestiality
(     )  Beatings
(     )  Bimbo Play
(     )  Blindfolds
(     )  Body Modification
(     )  Bondage
(     )  Branding
(     )  Breeder
(     )  Bukkake    (several men cumming on your face at once)

(     )  Cages
(     )  Chasity Belt
(     )  Choking
(     )  Clothing Control
(     )  Collars
(     )  Cross Dressing

(     )  Dirty Name Calling (ex: cunt, bitch)
(     )  Displayed Publically

(     )  Exhibitioned

(     )  Face Slapping
(     )  Fisting
(     )  Following RL Orders
(     )  Forced Roleplay
(     )  Forced Servitude 
(     )  Furries

(     )  Golden Showers
(     )  Gorean Play
(     )  Heterosexuality
(     )  Homosexuality
(     )  Hoods
(     )  Humiliation
(     )  Hypnosis  

(     )  Initiation Rites
(     )  Interracial
(     )  Isolation

(     )  Kidnapping

(     )  Lactation / Milking
(     )  Lesbian Play

(     )  Medical Scenes 
(     )  Medieval Roleplay
(     )  Mud Wrestling
(     )  Mummification

(     )  Neko Play
(     )  Nudity in Public

(     )  Orgasm Control
(     )  Orgys

(     )  Photography
(     )  Political Discussions
(     )  Pony Play
(     )  Pornography
(     )  Pregnancies  --- Are You pregnant now
(     )  Prostitution   (Being Given Away. Loaned, Pimped Out, Sold or Traded)

(     )  Rape Scene
(     )  Real Life Personal Information
(     )  Real Life Orders
(     )  Religious Discussions
(     )  Restraints
(     )  Roleplay

(     )  Sado-masochism - HARD CORE PLAY
(     )  Scat                  
(     )  Sensory Deprivation
(     )  Sex Deprivation  
(     )  Sin Tracker
(     )  Spreader Bars
(     )  Strap-Ons
(     )  Suspension (All Ways)
(     )  Swapping/Swinging

(     )  Tattoos
(     )  Tentacle Sex

(     )  Vampire Play

(     )  Water Sports
(     )  Wrestling


Other Notes:


                                       ▷ QUESTIONNAIRE  and Sub wish list ◁

Once you are done filling out all of the above, READ and COMPLETE the Questionnaire
on the website listed below! THIS IS REQUIRED to put you on auction!


                                                         FINISHING UP

after having completed this entire application and having one of the staff set up an
auction board for you, you must add the following to the TOP of your profile with the
date and time of your choice.

“I am on auction at Bound Desires  Slave Auction ending Sunday, <DATE OF AUCTION END> 10am@ SLT”

FINALLY, add Bound Desires  Slave Auction to your picks, and you’re all set!

Once finished, feel free to read up on the rules for the sim and Bound Desires itself, as well as the
other information below to make sure you have the smoothest experience while on
auction! Good luck to your and your future owner!

                                                          TIPS & HINTS

Here at Bound Desires, we want you to have a successful auction. As such, we have put together
a guide online for you to look over below.


Plan to be here on display and available to talk to buyers as much as possible prior to
your auction ending time. If you are here and available we will send notices to advertise
you. You are only required to be on 1 hour per day, but the more you are here the more
opportunities you will have to talk to dominants!

                                                 OPTIONAL PRIVATE SALES

You may elect to end your auction early at any time in a private sale. If a private sale
concludes your auction your percentage upon completion of contract period decreases
to 50%.

Buyer’s who purchase a private sale are no longer entitled to refunds, and if the contract
is broken, both the buyer and the auctioneer will forfeit their payments to Bound Desires.


Any refund paid to your winning bidder cancels your contract and forfeits any proceeds
from your sale. We will notify you if a refund is requested and give you a chance to
rectify any situation under your control.

with successful completion of your contract (This includes any private sales that occur
before the auction end, all payouts are made at one time no exceptions ever).

///// IMPORTANT /////

Please note that constant harassment about payouts could result in a deduction of
your percentage. We do not mind answering questions or clarifying, but if this is a
continuing issue, you will be warned before any deductions are made.

                                         Bound Desires  AUCTION RULES

By completing and returning this application you agree that you have read and will
abide by all Bound Desires Auction House Rules

● Familiarize yourself with the Bound Desires SIM Rules & Buyers Guide.
Can be found at:

● All subs/slaves must be 18 years of age RL and a min of 30 days old in SL. If we feel you are not of age proof of verification will be required!

● Join the Bound Desires VIP Group & a staff member will invite you to the Bound Desires  Slave Group (The slave group must be active while for sale). Remain in the
slave group until you have been paid. If you leave the slave group prior to payment
you will forfeit the payment. YOU MUST REMAIN IN THIS GROUP TO GET PAID!!!

● Those on auction are owned by Bound Desires Slave Auction House.

They are NOT allowed go off sim with ANYONE they met at auction
They are NOT allowed to go to other auction houses, escort sims or BDSM roleplay sims

● During your auction & contract period you are NOT allowed to place yourself for sale at any other auction house or travel to any BDSM Sim!!!

● We ask you to be respectful at all times. Any issues should immediately be brought to
the attention of a Staff member in a private IM. Please be aware that sharing of IMs among
staff members and Owners of the sim is permitted.

● Auctioneer must commit to be displayed on auction every day for at least one hour.

● By placing yourself up for sale you are agreeing to being online and in world a MINIMUM of
1 hour per calendar day and spending ALL your online time WITH your winning bidder for the
week following the auction end date (7 Calendar days).This is also an agreement that you will
complete your auction and contract, remember once you have made the commitment you are
obligated to complete all terms herein.

● If you meet all requirements and fulfill your one week contract you will receive 65% of the highest bid. 50% on a private sale.

DO NOT discuss other bids or bidders with ANYONE other than staff

DO NOT be disrespectful to anyone on sim, get a staff member if you need help

● If you believe your bidder is a ‘mismatch’ POLITELY let the bidder know. There is no need
to be disrespectful. If you need assistance please contact a staff member.

● Once someone goes up for auction they are contracted and obligated to remain on auction
for the duration of the auction & abide by all the rules.

● If you come online as often as stated in application & are available to talk to buyers, then
there should be no reason that you cannot find someone matching what you seek!. We have a huge variety
of owners that come here looking for the one that they will click with. We do not restrict
slaves and buyers from speaking in IM. And we as staff will also refer Doms to subs depending on your wish list :)

● The big problems come when auctioneers do not show up at the times they say on their
application and still expect to be sold without being available to talk with buyers as they
have indicated. So I will stress this again: auctioneers should be here the hours that
auctioneers stated in application, & be available to talk to buyers.

● A private sale is a little different than an auction end. There are MANY times that an owner
and a slave will meet and do not want to wait until the auction ends or chance it that
someone else will outbid them. We can make a private sale if that is the case. In a private
sale though ALL parties must agree.

● Please be advised that any visitor that you meet while on auction is obligated to purchase
you through the auction house during your auction period or afterwards should both parties
desire to begin a D/S relationship.
Please review the poaching information located at: 

● All question, concerns or issues shall be brought to a staff member by private IM only.
We want to help you find a good match and assist if problems occur. DO NOT air
your dirty laundry in local or group chat. This is strictly prohibited! Classy not trashy is our motto!

● Remember it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with Bound Desires  staff any issues, problems, or concerns.

● Both Buyers and Auctioneers agree to sharing of logs with Bound Desires
Auction Staff to resolve any disputes pertaining to the completion of this

Also please see Sim Rules located here:

                                                      A WORD ABOUT AGE PLAY

///// IMPORTANT /////

In accordance with Linden Lab Tos, the Bound Desires  Auction House DOES
NOT CONDONE AGE PLAY of any kind and expects both seller and buyer not to.
If, as a slave you are asked to enter into child play we advise that you terminate
your arrangement right away and inform the appropriate authorities.

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