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What is poaching?

A visitor on sim approaches another visitor or potential slave/sub for sale, and coerces them to leave with them is not allowed.
A visitor comes to the sim and talks a slave/sub that is up for sale to leave with the visitor without going through the auction process is not allowed and can get you banned!
A slave/sub on auction, can request for a staff member to remove them from auction, reasoning will have to be given and things will be handled  in a peaceful manner.
Any Visitor leaving with another visitor whether for sale or not is not allowed.
Any visitor requesting a slave/sub to come with them if “it does not work out” is not allowed.
Please be advised that any slave that is met through Bound Desires auction MUST be purchased through the auction house during their auction period.
​We are running this Auction house to help Doms and slaves/subs find their perfect match. This requires a lot of time and effort to make that happen. We have a subs wishlist and a Doms wishlist for both parties to fill out. This helps all the staff match you with someone your seeking!
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