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We all know how important it is to make a good impression, to show what we have to offer a prospective Master or Mistress, when up on the auction block. But, maybe some people also feel like there isn’t enough time, or we’re too nervous, or there are too many IM's and other things going on to roleplay or emote well up there… don’t let it keep you from showing what makes you worth paying a pretty linden for! This is your last chance to show ’em what you got!!!

Pe-preparing some general emotes and having them available on an open notecard during the auction can make it fast and easy to add a little spice to your auction. Some people don’t like pre-preparing emotes, and that’s fine… but for those who don’t type fast, have trouble writing fast and creatively in English, those who are usually buried in im hell, who get nervous, or who write slightly longer emotes (like me) they can be really helpful. Some tips:
  • Make as many pre-prepared ones as you want, but don’t feel like you have to use every single one; save some for another auction or for play with your new Master or Mistress. Watch what’s going on and pace your emotes accordingly, and give some time in between for people to respond to them.
  • If you do have a lot of emotes written, it can be helpful to divide them under headings (see sample emote notecard attached below)
  • If you are someone who is auctioned regularly, remember this is a continuing project, don’t let them get used to seeing the same old emotes from you every auction, keep evolving and changing them.
  • Don’t forget to interact/roleplay directly too. Pre-prepared emotes are a get-the-ball-rolling or a mood-setting tool, but pay attention to what’s being said and done and ad-lib in between as necessary. Having the pre-prepared emotes will give you more time to individualize your ad-libs. And if the auctioneer or audience doesn’t rp very much with you, guess what? You will be prepared to shine like the jewel you are with emotes to show you are proactive about being desirable and pleasing.
  • Before you start writing your pre-prepared emotes, take a few minutes to think about your purpose:

    • What is the persona you want to show on the block? are you eager? resistant? shy? scared? sexual?

    • Look around at the people arriving and check their profiles, Use that info to strike up a chat! this is where having many different types of emotes available to choose from can help, especially for those who go up for auction regularly, since audiences change

    • Think about what your senses would be taking in, and what the audience’s senses would be taking in… these emotes are very powerful; how do the stones feel beneath your feet as you move toward the block? How does it feel to have the shackles locked around your wrists and ankles? How is your skin responding to the air as you are exposed so completely on the cross? How does the wood feel against your skin? 

    • Think about the wording you are using; use words that are descriptive and powerful. . Don’t overdo it, though… showing too many sensory words in one statement can overload your audience; try using just a couple for each statement – let them have a chance to fully develop the imagery and sensations the words will evoke. Make them feel your words.

  • Take time to write them, and then edit them and review them, even let other slaves and Dominants that are your friends look them over and give pointers or tell you what you’re doing that is especially effective, before you use them on the audience at the auction – not the prospective buyers coming to see you on display before the auction, though! 

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