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               ETIQUETTE & RESPECT

  • Please be respectful of all who are on this sim whether dominant or slave/sub. Everyone has different views and protocols but respect is universal. Just because you do not enjoy or require what another does, it does not give you the right to be rude and disrespectful name calling, trolling, anything to do with drama is NOT welcomed here I have a saying from someone I knew. Classy not trashy :) . Treat everyone the way YOU wish to be treated as we all come here for the same thing to find that lifelong someone to spend our days serving :).

  • We do not allow anyone to disrespect  anyone on sim, this includes, visitors, auctioneers and staff. If you feel someone is being rude or disrespectful please alert a staff member for assistance.


Poaching is stealing and is prohibited. This will result in an automatic ban. This includes Dominants requesting slaves leave with them whether they are on auction or not or slaves soliciting Doms for the same purpose. For further information on poaching please see:

Dress Code:

The Auction area allows nudity only for slaves for auction, all others must be dressed to cover their bits (The ONLY exception are owned slaves leashed to their owners).


 Cuddling is allowed on the PG cuddle sofas and chairs we offer on Sim. Anything sex wise happens after you have won that person!


  • Dom's and sub's/slaves are encouraged to communicate both in local and in IM in an effort to get to know one another better Voice chat in IM only if the girl/boy on sale feels upto it is allowed.

  • We want to encourage open and honest communication As this is the best way to know someone :). We have no issues with auctioneers and Visitors IMing and getting to know one another, you can speak freely in IM but once an auctioneer draws the line and does not wish to delve deeper into a subject or conversation we demand that the other party refrain from the same. This is a matter of respect.

  • Please be aware that sharing of IMs among staff members and Owners of the sim is permitted. Sometimes we need to share information in order to deal with an issue. By being on this sim and/or participating in any of our events, you are waiving any TOS rights and you are permitting us to share all information for the purpose of resolving conflicts.

  • Asking for Cam,  outside of SL, or RL photographs is strictly prohibited until AFTER the contract has been won and only if agreed upon by all parties.

  • You may ask for voice verification IN LOCAL VOICE then move to IM and only in SL if both parties are in agreement.

  • We do not allow discussion of bids or other bidders with anyone other than Auction Staff


Please pick up a copy of the Slave package and complete an application. Once you complete the application please click on a board and follow the board directions. A staff member must approve your board!


Please see our buyers guide for FAQ and procedures located


 If an Auctioneer asks a bidder not to bid They will provide logs of them asking the bidder to not bid. If the bidder does bid again that bid is then forfeit, and the Auctioneer is not required to serve that Dominant.

Auctioneers/bidders even if you have your heart set on one person does not mean you can tell all others not to bid.

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