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♦ Make sure to fill out your application completely and give as much information as possible. 
It is imperative to list all of your limits, soft and hard. If you do not list them on your application/contract your winning bidder will not know!
An explanation of some of the application questions are listed below:


What are you seeking in an owner? Someone who's Strict? Soft and tender or  abit of both?


A crucial part in the application is your bio. This is where you can reach out and touch a potential Owner and catch their eye :).
What does being a slave mean to you?  

What are you looking for in a potential owner? Is it someone who is firm and unyielding? Is it a Daddy/Mommy Dom? Are you looking for a family?
The largest portion of self-description is your bio. If something really turns you on, mention it–all the ones you that you like. If there are things you really want to avoid, mention them. Some examples of bio’s are at the end of this page.


Available Times:
These are the times you are normally online and available. It does not have to be exact but a good indication of your normal times. Also, many buyers look at your online times not only to see if they match theirs but also so they know when you will be on display to talk to you.
When listing your times please use the format of a beginning an end time in SLT for example 9am – 12pm SLT. (World Time Converter) “I’m flexible” “many” or “yes” are not acceptable answers, we see them a lot, and we will ask you to be more specific. If your times are flexible, and you’re willing to suit a dom’s online time, put in your usual online times, and add a note underneath your schedule that you’re willing to do this. It helps everyone.


Special Services:

What are you offering in terms of communication outside of SL? Are you willing to voice? Cam? Communicate by e-mail or messenger? Will you follow RL orders? If you are not willing to do any of these things at first but may in the future please explain this. None of it is required but many doms are looking for something beyond the reaches of SL. REMEMBER Bound Desires  DOES NOT ENFORCE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF SL & ONLY SL VOICE IS PERMITTED WHILE ON AUCTION!


This is an important section. We all have certain things we just will not do under any circumstance these are hard limits. Remember when listing your hard limits ageplay is against ToS. Soft limits are things that you are not very comfortable doing but with the right dom and trust earned you may be willing to try over time. “no limits” is a wrong answer. Everyone has limits, even if they haven’t fully explored much in BDSM RL/SL. If you don’t know what your limits are, speak up. This is the place to say so NOT mid-contract, when the dom expects you to do something will not do for them. That’s the wrong time to speak up, and it makes for a bad situation all the way around. If you aren’t really aware of all that’s possible please see our Glossary in our BDSM Training Section!


Are you willing to enter into a poly relationship? That is typically one dom with multiple slaves. It could also mean a family including several doms. A poly family does not mean that you will be required to have sex with everyone in the family, however, it is often a part of how the family interacts. If you’re comfortable with having chain sisters/brothers, but not having sex with them, take this into consideration. It will broaden the number of doms that might be interested in you, and you can discuss the conditions of the family.


Kinks Checklist-sub wishlist
The checklist is a listing of different things people in D/S relationships may enjoy doing. This is a rating checklist with a rating guide. Feel free to highlight those items that make you melt in that way! You can also use this checklist to help you with your limits… These are some of the most common things we see in D/s relationships in SL, and what our buyers most often are looking for. If you see something on here you don’t like, and aren’t willing to do, it had best be on your limits.

The sub wishlist allows us staff to help match you with possible Doms! so we highly encourage everyone to fill it out!

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