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                                                                                                                    BOUND DESIRES SLAVE AUCTION
                                                                                                                      Auction Information Notecard
                                                                                                                                  LIVE AUCTION
This is a live auction:

♥ ALL contracts consist of a 1 week Contract to begin immediately after the Auction end (or a time agreeable to you both). 


♥ Name:      

♥ Todays Date:        
♥ SL Gender:             Male (    )      Female (    )     
   I am also a  Transgender (    ) 
♥ Anything Real Life you would like to share: (Optional)      
   We cannot guarantee or verify any RL information. 

♥ Language Preferences: 

♥ Country & Time Zone:          
♥ I am a: 
    Slave    (    )      Submissive  (    )       Adult Baby    (    )      Pet         (    )
   Other    (    )      Switch         (    )      
♥  I am seeking: 
    Master  (     )     Daddy Dom  (   )     Mistress (   )    Domme (    )
    Couple  (    )  -- MM (   )    MF (   )    FF  (    )     Owner ( )

♥ Do you own someone now?      
♥ Are you currently owned?        
***** We will not be held responsible for any non disclosed information.******
♥ Date and Time You prefer to be on auction:  Monday 10 am SLT Friday 6pm SLT

♥ SCHEDULE - Please fill in your normal time schedule.
    Please remember commitment time starts after auction. BUT, if both parties agree to another time, you can do that as well. BUT, it is required that Thashauna/Or fellow staff members is made aware of this by both parties.
  Don't forget to add the time zone and whether AM or PM and base things off of SLT time.

♥ Do you enjoy playing with the same sex?  
   Will you participate in a poly relationship?   
   Please state your sexual preference    

♥ Can you be Voice Verified?                     
   Can you hear local voice conversations?   
♥ THREE Words that fit your personality:

♥ What would be the perfect Dom for you?

♥ Do you like to emote? 
   Are your emoting skills light, moderate or advanced? 

♥ What qualities are you looking for in your winning Owner?

♥ Any other relevant information? 

♥ General Tips: a) Be on time; b) Don't forget to show them who you are (this is very important); c) Be polite Hole true to times giving on your card!

♥ List any special skills or services you may consider offering?
    (    ) Cam     
    (    ) Email              
    (    ) Obeying or Giving RL orders
    (    ) Phone calls or texts      
    (    ) Social Networks such as discord, google, hangouts, kik skype, twitter, yahoo

♥ Additional Information Card to be completed and reattached here:
   Please add any hard or soft limits which you feel should be included 
♥ Insert any full permissions Pictures here by dragging the image from your inventory to this notecard:

                                  IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- PLEASE READ
 1. This is a binding contract among those bidding, those on auction and the Owner of the sim.

 2. You must be at least 18 years old to enter this sim.
 3. Auction opening bids start at 1,000L and goes up in increments of a minimum of 100L.
 4. Bids can't be refunded as they replace previous bids.
 5. Auctionee receives 50%% of winning bid after her 1 week contract is up.

 6. Any issues or problems should be reported to Thashauna (Owner) and/or Any Auction Staff on Duty. in a notecard as soon as possible.
Please make sure you spend the required time with the winning bidder or you will not be paid! (A min of two hours for live auctions!)

 7. If you do not win the auction, please respect the winning bidder's rights of ownership and do not contact the person you did not win.

 8.  There are no refunds on private sales and no guaranteed payouts to anyone on auction if contract is not fulfilled.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact a staff member or
                                  Thashauna  Owner
                                 riku.kristan               Manager

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