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Script Monitor&lag

Our Script Monitor board is set to the following
  • Total number of scripts = 170
  • Script Memory (MiB) 6
  • Script time (ms) = 2
  • Render Weight (in 1000s) = 190000
(Scripts spike on arrival to any sim, so you may see a warning until you stabilize on the sim)
What can you do to help or meet the script requirements?
  • First update to the latest Firestorm Release.
  • Remove the LSL Bridge
    (Go to Preferences, Firestorm Extras, and uncheck Enable LSL-Client Bridge)  Then detach it in your inventory.
There are 2 tool-bar buttons that will help.
  • Firestorm AO (replaces an AO HUD) so there are no scripts running your AO 
Learn how to set it up here:
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