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Private Sales

  • Sometimes people find a good match and do not want to wait until the end of auction to buy a slave/sub, in this case we offer private sales.
  • To make a private sale the buyer must contact a staff member (many of our staff are authorized to make private sales but if the person you contact is not authorized they can contact the right person for you).
  • The Bound Desires Staff will discuss the private sale price with you (Please note that private sale prices are based upon many things and individualized to the person of interest, however no private sale is made under 25k our max is 120k) we offer fair prices allowing everyone to win.
  • Please understand that by requesting a private sale you are essentially ending their auction early thereby disallowing them from meeting and talking with any other potential bidders.
  • Once an agreement has been reached between Bound Desires and you, the slave/sub is approached by staff for approval. The slave/sub must agree to be sold to you. If they do not agree no private sale is made and you must bid normally.
  • If they do agree the private sale amount is then placed on their board, their auction closed and they are released to you immediately beginning their contract.

** All Private Sales are Final and are not eligible for refunds **

Proxy Bidding

  • Proxy bidding is available through the auction house by contacting Thashauna or Lilin Neox
  • We can bid on your behalf in your stead.
  • You decide the maximum amount you wish to pay and the house will bid up to that amount, then you will need to give that amount to Thashauna  in advance of the auction ending. Typically we will bid according to the flow of other bidding unless you wish to give specific instructions for how you desire the bids to be placed.
  • Once the auction has completed any unused L will be immediately returned to you and you will be notified if you are the winning bidder.

*** Please note that we do not have any advantage over other bidders during the auction process, we will be bidding to win but that does not guarantee a win on your behalf. ***

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