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If trouble develops after a sale, we want to hear about it–either from the buyer or the slave. Bound Desires is committed to happy sales. We will try to arrange an amicable solution. If the parties cannot be satisfied, We will consider a pro-rated return of the sale price, on a case-by-case basis. If the slave cannot be reconciled to the sale, then we will annul the sale, as there is no point in trying to hold onto an unhappy slave.
All APPROVED Refunds are prorated 15% per day. (We will allow for a grace period to notify management until 11:59 pm Sunday following the auction end). Remember, it is your responsibility as the buyer to inform Bund Desires via our Buyer Resolution Request Form of ANY issues in a timely manner. The longer you wait to inform us of an issue the less you will receive, should it be determined a refund is due.

Refunds do not apply to the following:


  • Release of slave from contract (Bound Desires MUST be notified by the buyer via our Buyer Resolution Request Form and all issues handled through Bound Desires failure to do so before releasing of the slave negates any possible refund).
  • Breach of contract. The slave’s application is also their contract. Limits and agreements must be adhered to. Failure to comply with the contract ends all obligation of the slave and Bound Desires.
  • The BUYER must notify Bound Desires via our Buyer Resolution Request Form of an issue which may result in any refund.
  • Bound Desires will gather all information and contact all parties involved.
  • Bound Desires will notate the date the issue was brought to our attention and hold in escrow the amount of refund should it be determined is due.
  • All approved refunds will be paid after the contract period has expired.
  • All issues that are brought to the attention of Bound Desires by the buyer will be either determined valid and the refund issued or closed leaving the sale in tact.
  • Any new issue would begin the process again.
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